Artist-Curator Activity

'...we don't talk anymore 2' (2018)


STRYX, Birmingham, UK

March 18 - April 15

Auluk will be working at Stryx for one month from 18th March to 15th April 2018.


During this time he will be re-working his closing 2017 residency at The WIG (now re-launched as FAIL BETTER). This was part of the GESTALT curatorial programme curated by Alex Billingham in 2017.


'We don’t talk anymore 2' will be a further exploration in making work with other artists’ and audiences to produce collaborative live performances. Communicating without talking to each other, blurring the lines between artist and audience, performance and spectatorship, activating audiences and disrupting the rules of exhibition making and presentation.


There will be an opening launch on March 31st 6pm – 9pm and a closing live art performance at Digbeth First Friday on Friday 6th April 6pm – 9pm.


The event will be filmed.

The exhibition is not suitable for anyone under 18 years old.


Participating artists’ are:

Dan Auluk

Jamie Cox

Ana Rutter

Sally Bailey

Ian Andrews

Vicky Roden

Sarah Walden

Ofelia Carmen

Jen Der Fenda

Daniel Hopkins

Alex Billingham

Sarah Fortes Mayer

Oscar Cass-Darweish

The Hoo-Hah Initiative

Collective Unconscious