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The Lives of Others (2015) by Dan Auluk



The Lives of Others (2015) will be performed at the Barber Institute at the awards ceremony for New Art West Midlands 2015 on Mar 4th 2015. Auluk will be responding to the activity that takes place, capturing words, snippets of conversation and any movement detected. The Lives of Others is a response to Auluk’s degenerating eye condition and in part inspired by Ulrich Muhe’s performance as a Stasi secret policeman in the film of the same name set in the former German Democratic Republic, 1984. Muhe’s character Captain Gerd Wiesler is engaged in the surveillance of the suspected anti-communist activity of a playwright and his partner, recording his voyeuristic findings on a typewriter.  Similarly, Auluk will be sitting still, visually impaired and typing what he hears and experiences – a disrupted narrative of sorts - in an attempt to capture the liminal space between what is truly private and public.