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Dan Auluk is an artist-curator living and working in Birmingham, UK.


Auluk's arts practice is interested in the making of art activity (as medium) and the experiences shared through experimental collaborative approaches. The art activity includes experimenting with text, spoken word, sound, video, performance, participation and intervention, manifesting as live art collaborative performances that invite audiences to take part. This live art attempts to blur the boundaries betweeen artist, curator and audience, exploring alternate ways of activating spaces and audiences and destablizing the conventions we are used to, when experiencing art in an exhibition context.


Looking at me looking at you and not looking down (2015)

A 121 intervention action research performance at mac Brmingham for the exhibiton Disrupted.

IMG_1648 IMG_1649

Artist and Curator Noemi Lakmaier will be giving a talk and tour of the Disrupted exhibition at mac tomorrow (23 Apr, 6.30pm)


The event in association with New Art West Midlands, Turning Point West Midlands, and DASH will also showcase performances from three artists, Dan Auluk,Jade Blackstock and Emma Starkey.


Particpants were invited to sit directly opposite the artist and look into each others eyes and perform a blind drawing of each other, without looking down at their drawing.


Drawings were signed and exchanged to one another at the end.