The Lives Of Others Residency image

13 February – 17 May 2015, The Barber Institute of Fine Arts, Birmingham

(performance on Wednesday March 4th, 6.30pm - 8.30pm)


(Performance at private view and prize-giving on Wednesday March 4th -by invitation only)


Dan Auluk’s action research experiments, performances and installations respond to different sites and contexts to create reflexive video, photography, sound works, texts, drawings and interventions. His work reflects his curiosity in engaging with, or simply observing the public as he proposes an internal challenge or exploration of his own emotional and physical boundaries.


His performance The Lives of Others (2015), takes its name from the 2006 film written and directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck, and features the artist in a state of self induced blindness, typing conversations he overhears.  Concerned with surveillance and observation, the work is also about his fear of blindness as a diabetic, and how working in this area might in some way prepare him for the possibility of losing his sight.


The Lives of Others (2015) will be performed by Auluk at the private view of New Art West Midlands 2015 at The Barber Institute on Wednesday 4 March, where he will document a version of conversations, transcribing odd words and murmurings at the reception.